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Personalized Name Tag 1

Personalized Name Tag 1

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Personalized identification products, such as our personalized name tags will always have a significant benefit for your business. Communication between employees, clients, patients and or visitors are more efficient when they know each others names. Your guests and visitors will be more comfortable when able to identify everyone at your workplace. Not only are our custom name tags a must-have to improve your first impression with a client, but it will also promote your brand where ever they are worn. These custom tags are proudly Made in the USA using state of the art laser engraving equipment to give your tags the best look possible. Choose from a variety of 15 different colors or simulated metal and brass finishes with vivid contrast, able to match any outfit or uniform you decide to wear. They come with either a magnet, pin, or clear tape, depending on your preference which can be selected during customization so that it can be used on clothing, book cover or even as a trophy This tag measures 1.5 inches high and 3 inches wide. The perfect size to draw in attention for your clients and employees. We also ensure to offer our customers the best material quality possible, that's why we choose to use materials that are scratch resistant are good for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Up to 3 lines of text. See text layout options during customization process.

  • Choose from a choice of 15 beautiful colors or simulated metal and brass finishes.

  • Includes either a Pin, Magnet or Adhesive back which is selected during customization.

  • Can also be used as book, portfolio name plate or trophy plate.

  • Made in the USA using the highest quality scratch resistant acrylic based plastics.

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