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My Sign Center, Inc

Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Down Fire and Safety Sign

Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Down Fire and Safety Sign

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Hi there! Welcome to the best place in the world (My Sign Center of course). We're a small sign manufacturing company based in New Jersey, USA with a passion for creativity. Being creative makes us happy and it's what drives us to create beautiful signs that inspires communication and safety. We truly believe in the life-changing power of creative designs and their ability to bring the world together in understanding. Great design and relationships come from collaboration and communication. At My Sign Center, we strive just for that. Making the world a better place one sign at a time.

Quality Print

Using the newest and most advanced digital printing equipment available, we offer a four color printing method. With UV ink, our signs are resistant to weather fade and abrasion, leaving your sign with gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is a fantastic indoor & outdoor material. It will not rust over a long period of time and it will hold up as long as, if not longer than, any other sign material.

Aluminum signs are durable, stylish and affordable. An aluminum sign is lightweight, making it easy to mount or hang. Aluminum is resistant to harsh weather (heat, humidity and snow) and naturally rust-proof, water-proof and chemically resistant.

Installation Options

Whether you choose an aluminum, engraved, or posted signs, finding the best way to mount your sign will definitely be a priority. There's a variety of mounting options depending on the mounting surface.

Zip Ties - A versatile way of mounting your signs is using zip ties. They're great for mounting on a chain link fence and for temporary signage.

Double Sided Foam Tape - The foam tape is suitable for most hard surfaces, including walls and doors. Please note that if your surface is porous or coarse, a secure bond may not be obtained using our foam tape, in which case other mounting options should be explored.
  • Made in USA
  • My Sign Center signs have Pre-drilled Mounting Holes for easy installation
  • My Sign Center signs are designed for up to 7 years indoor & outdoor use
  • My Sign Center signs are made with Rust Free Aluminum
  • My Sign Center signs have 1 MIL CLEAR UV POLYESTER OVERLAM
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