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Emergency Exit Only Alarm Will Sound Sign (2 Pack)

Emergency Exit Only Alarm Will Sound Sign (2 Pack)

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Hi there! Welcome to the best place in the world (My Sign Center of course). We're a small sign manufacturing company based in New Jersey, USA with a passion for creativity. Being creative makes us happy and it's what drives us to create beautiful signs and decals that inspires communication and safety. We truly believe in the life-changing power of creative designs and their ability to bring the world together in understanding. Great design and relationships come from collaboration and communication. Whether you are looking for emergency exit stickers for doors or any other sign we have a large selection of signs and stickers to choose from. At My Sign Center, we strive just for that. Making the world a better place one sign at a time.

Quality Print

Using the newest and most advanced digital and screen printing equipment available, we offer a four color printing method. With UV ink, our signs are resistant to weather fade and abrasion, leaving your decal sign with gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Adhesive Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals is a fantastic indoor & outdoor material. Adhesive vinyl decals can withstand any weather & resist fading, and are the ideal solution for long-term business signage or property management. Decals can be applied to multiple surfaces as long as they are non-porous and flat (no bumps or cracks).

Our decals are made from a 4 mil premium poly vinyl material with an adhesive backing. These decals are easily installed on homes, store fronts and any glass surface in business settings or otherwise. They are semi-permanent in that they can be removed but are a one-time use so they cannot be reused once applied. After installation our window decals can last 3+ years inside or outside with proper care and maintenance.

Installation & Care

Installation: To install these highly-adhesive decals, remove the back and place them on flat or lightly curved surfaces only. The decals are temporarily repositionable to allow for easy installation (use soap and water for easier placement). Once your decals are placed, use a plastic squeegee to press them firmly against the substrate. As you squeegee, the decals will release their adhesive residue for permanent installation. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Care: These decals are made to stand up to the toughest elements. To clean, wipe them with soap and water. Decals are safe for most car washes. To remove, use a blow dryer or other heat source to loosen the decals. Gently peel them from the substrate.

glossy vibrant colors finish

sun fade proof uv light resistant

dust scratch resistant vinyl

water weatherproof vinyl decal signs resistant to water

Vibrant Colors

With our bright and vibrant colors, your sign will stand out from the rest. Even as a small decal, it's rich colors and contrast will catch anyone's attention from a distance.

Sun Fade Protection

Vinyl decals have a service temperature range from -40F to 225F. Allowing it to withstand any harsh weather conditions and protected from UV rays.

Scratch/Dust Proof

With the extra layer of protection, it helps minimize scratches or scuffs on your sign. Simply use soap and water to clean any dust that clings to your decal.

Weather/Water Proof

The UV coating allows our signs to stay water resistant and weatherproof. Making sure it lasts +3 years depending on weather conditions and use.

Choose the Perfect Decal.

Whether your buying a decal for your home, business, or your pets. You want to know you're getting the best your money can buy. Here at My Sign Center we do just that, by providing great quality work and standing behind our products 100%. Our signs are here to ensure the protection and safety of others while complying with OSHA safety regulations.

  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Easy to install, Simply clean the surface, peel off the back and stick it!
  • Designed for up to 5 years indoor & outdoor use.
  • Made out of 4 Mil Premium Grade Vinyl that won't crack or tear due to weather.
  • This Decal is silk screened or digitally printed with UV fade resistance ink.
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